Permanent staff: Cuminal Yvan (MCF HDR), Martinez Frédéric (MCF), Parola Stéphanie (MCF), Vaillon Rodolphe (DR CNRS)

In the photovoltaic field, M@CSEE team (IES) focused its reseach on 3 topics. These topics are briefly described below. Please find detailed information by clicking on each topic.

The studies in this topic aim at designing, manufacturing and characterize III-Sb solar cells, optimized for high solar concentration. The studied cells are based on III-Sb antimonide alloys and monolithically grown by MBE (Molecular Beam Epitaxy) in strong collaboration with the NanoMIR team (IES). Antimonide alloys (III-Sb) constitutes an original and promising alternative to existing cells. In addition to this work, we are also studying the impact of temperature on the degradation of III-Sb cells.

This research topic is developped in direct collaboration with solar cells manufacturers. The aim is to contribute to the development of industrial processes for silicon solar cells manufacture and particularly for a use under low-concentrated light (X=20). In last years, we have taken part of several projects aimed, for instance, at developing an industrial process of multi-crystalline silicon with boron doping, a new process for dry texturization of cells, or the development of an electrolytic contact deposition process.

The objective is to contribute to the design, fabrication and implementation of efficient thermophotovoltaic devices and systems for thermal energy harvesting.