Study of a high-power isolated DC / DC converter for the supply of civil and military ships


Partners : ECA Robotics, LAPLACE Toulouse

Researchers : O. Martos (PHD Students), F. Forest (Professor), J-J. Huselstein (Assistant Professor), T. Meynard (DR CNRS - LAPLACE)

Duration : 3 years (2019-2022)

ECA Robotics, within the scope of its Couëron plant, is a major player in the field of marine electrical power conversion (civil and military). It wants to develop a new family of innovative power converters, using original principles, implementing semiconductor components of the latest generation and having a very high efficiency.
The main objective of the thesis is to demonstrate the feasibility of a 30 kW modular isolated DC / DC converter, several of which can be combined to form units with a power of up to 210 kW. The main aspects that will be addressed in this work are the search for conversion architecture capable of meeting very ambitious specifications, the choice and the modelling (with a view to the estimation of the losses) of the next generation drivers (SiC/GaN) semi-modular components, the implementation of a technologically advanced demonstrator. Optimization procedures will be applied to different subsets of the converter.