Benoît CHARLOT / Research / Optical Tweezers

Nanofabrication for angular optical tweezers

cooperation with Francesco PEDACI and Zhanna SANTYBAYEVA,
Single-molecule angular dynamics group

The goal of this project is to develop microfabrication processes for the production of birefringent nanocylinders to be used in angular optical tweezers experiments. In this particular Optical Tweezer setup, the rotation of light polarisation induces a transfert of torque to a cylindrical birefringent particle. Quartz nanocylinders are fabricated by a combination of laser Interference lithography and Reactive Ion Etching.

DNA assembly

A.Schematic of Angulaor Optical Tweezer experiment, B. microfabrication process and C. Laser Interference Lithography setup.

fluroescence imaging of orderd Lambda phage DNA molecule on a PDMS substrate

SEM images of nanogrooves and nanocylinders

Related Publication

Z.Santybayeva, A.Meghit, R.Desgarceaux, R.Teissier, F.Pichot, Marin, B.Charlot, F.Pedaci, "Fabrication of quartz micro-cylinders by laser interference lithography for angular optical tweezers", Journal of Micro/Nanolithography, MEMS, and MOEMS, under press.