Benoît CHARLOT / Images

SEM and Microscope images of MEMS devices

All these images are copyrighted, They can be used for illustration upon request.

Pyroeletric device in microfluidic

Diphasic stream for the creation of transient thermal stimulation of Pyroelectric devices, IES CNRS, Univ. Montpellier

Microfluidic circuits 2010

SU-8 mold of a cell culture chamber, IES CNRS, Univ. Montpellier

Micro thermocouples 2009

Silicon mono / Ti/Pt thermocouple on SOI

Bistable MEMS 2007

Bistable MEMS structures on SOI, LIMMS CNRS, Univ. Tokyo

Micromachined tips 2006

Vertical Silicon micromachined tips, LIMMS CNRS, Univ. Tokyo

Diamond nanocrystals deposited by dielectrophoresis on silicon tips, LIMMS CNRS, Univ. Tokyo

In plane Silicon micromachined tips, LIMMS CNRS, Univ. Tokyo

Nanomechanical Memories 2006

Buckled nanobeams, LIMMS CNRS, Univ. Tokyo

Field Emission resonator 2005

Field emission gauge micromechanical resonator on SOI, LIMMS CNRS,

SOI Accelerometers 2004

In plane Silicon micromachined accelerometers, TIMA,CNRS,INPG, UJF

Fingerprint sensor 2003

Frontside bulk micromachined tactile fingerprint senson on CMOS, TIMA CNRS, INPG

Infrared sensor 2002

Frontside bulk micromachined thermopile infra red sensor on CMOS, TIMA CNRS, INPG

MEMS resonators 2000

Surface micromachined MEMS resonators, TIMA CNRS, INPG

Comb Drives 1999

Comb drive microresonator, TIMA CNRS, INPG