The research of the nanoMIR group relies on a set of unique competences, from fundamental semiconductor physics to device processing via semiconductor epitaxy and device design.

A peculiarity of antimonides (III-Sb semiconductors) is that unlike most other III-V semiconductors, molecular-beam epitaxy (MBE) is the only epitaxial-growth technique able to grow device-quality materials. Thanks to the EquipEx EXTRA, the group runs three MBE systems, one Veeco GEN II, one RIBER C21 and one RIBER 412. 

EXTRA is a project financed by the French "Investment for the Future" program (EquipEx EXTRA, ANR-11-EQPX-0016).

EXTRA (EXcellence cenTeR on Antimonides) aims at creating a reference research center devoted to the study and development of antimony-based III-V semiconductors (III-Sb) and their applications. The objectives of this center is to:

  • Dvelop the III-Sb technology, from epitaxy of nanostructures to devices,
  • Exploit the potential of the III-Sb technology, in particular in IR photonic sensors,
  • Close the gap between laboratory and industrial standards in the III-Sb Technology to promote innovation,
  • Structure the national research Area in this field.

The EXTRA grant has allowed investing in new equipments:

  • one Inductively-Coupled Plasma Reactive Ion Etching, installed in 2014
  • one high-resolution X-ray diffractometer, installed in 2014
  • one RIBER C21 molecular-beam epitaxy system, upgraded in 2015
  • one new RIBER 412 molecular-beam epitaxy system, installed in 2015
  • one e-gun deposition system, installed in 2016.

The EXTRA III-Sb platform is open to external users.

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