Several modeling tools have been developed in our team under Matlab environment. The aims was to understand the PECVD growth of materials, to understand the electrical transport in nanocrystalline materials and to understand and predict the behavior of solar cells.

  • Modeling of solar cells:

1D and pseudo-3D modeling tools have been developed to characterize single and multi-junction solar cells under low and high concentration rates. read more...


  • Modeling of material growth:

Modeling of the PECVD growth of nanocrystalline silicon has been developed and allows to reproduce the conic shape of the Si nanocrystals as well as the top morphology [1]:



  • Modeling of electrical transport in amorphous semiconductors [1]:


[1] Abboud P, Martinez F, Amrani R, Habib D, Parola S, Cuminal Y, "Characterization and modeling of electrical transport in undoped hydrogenetaed microcrystalline silicon", Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 477 (2017) 42-49. download link