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M2A: Materials, Micro-sensors and Acoustics

The M2A group (Materials, Micro-sensors and Acoustics) brings together about thirty members of the IES to propose a project allowing the realization and implementation of complex measuring systems. The complementary expertise of its various members concerns micro-sensors. The M2A group masters the synthesis of functional materials, their characterization and integration within (micro- and macro-)devices, necessarily based on the analysis of multi-physical and multi-scale phenomena constraining the design and interaction of devices with a medium or material. These skills are reinforced by the in-house development of associated electronics and signal processing for evaluation or control. The group's strength lies in its mastery of all the essential steps in the design and manufacture of sensors.

The group members' areas of expertise include: (micro)acoustics, rheology, inertial measurement by thermomechanical couplings, BioMEMS, sensor integration on flexible supports and RFID.

The complementarity of the members of the M2A group makes it possible to consider the development of new sensors and devices. Our project benefits from the contribution of microtechnologies, particularly in the implementation of multi-sensor systems. The group thus contributes to the development of high-tech (micro- and macro-) devices based on a detailed understanding of the underlying physical phenomena and making it possible to offer public or private organisations decision-making tools in the fields of national security, the environment or improved patient care.

The M2A group researches are structured along three thematic axes:

1. Materials, Micro and Nano-systems - A. GIANI, PR. UM

2. RFID Sensors and Flexible Electronics - B. SORLI, McF UM, A. VENA, McF UM

3. Acoustics - J.Y. FERRANDIS, IR CNRS HDR